Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ahhh the joys of Spring Break

My little girly girl is on spring break this week and part of next week. Although it is fun to have her about it also is a wee bit stressful keeping her entertained at what seems every second of the day! Although she will go play with polly pockets (oh I how I love those things!) for a good hour or so, the times she plays with them are not frequent enough somedays it seems heh heh!

I am in two college courses at the moment. Finishing up a Deviant Behavior Sociology one and then just started (much to my dismay for the 2nd time, don't ask) Experiemental Methods of Psych which will be my final course for my Psych degree hooray!!!

I will officially graduate from Univ of Maryland (online program) in August 2007 yipppeee! Then who the heck knows what I shall be doing with my life after that haha..One step at a time.

Well I have been out of scrapbooking for a while now and although I have worked on some projects here and there haven't really allowed myself to shop. Well I just had to get a couple new albums which then led to a new trimmer (the tonic guillotine), the Basic Grey Phoebe and Blush sets (cannot wait to see these when they come!), and of course some good ole adhesive refills, oh wait and a couple packs of the basic grey lace rub ons.......fun fun!!! I am so excited for these goodies to arrive and hoping they are here next week!

I also start a new job in the next couple of weeks! I am scared as all heck seeing how I haven't really worked for past 5 years! Been staying at home with my little Muffin and just concentrating on finishing school. The job is just stocking shelves at the grocery store here on our base but man it pays over 14 an hour which I think is pretty darn good for hopefully a low stress job! Bring on the money!

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