Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Punkin Time!

Ok so they are not the best ever but we had fun so that is what counts! It was Gabby's idea to have the bow on the girl pumpkin heehee. And the one that is just open welllll it started as a ghost but ended up looking like a "cave" said Miss Muffin! heehee....The last one Gabby just decorated with a sharpie and did a pretty fine job! Such my little artist!
I have training this morning for work so half day of real work today, then tomorrow I get to go in late to work due to wanting to see Gabby's first school Halloween parade! After that I have orientation for work (even though I have been there almost 2 months now).
I am SUPPOSED to go see Dashboard Confessional on Friday night but people keep flaking on me so we shall see if it happens or not :( Fingers are crossed for sure!!!!

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