Sunday, July 22, 2007

Boredom at it's Finest

6 pm on a Sunday night nothing to do nothing to money to do anything with anyway either! I am getting sooooo scared as we are moving into our own apartment here on the 31st! Granted I will be walking distance to both sets of my grandparents but I do have to start thinking budgets and bills and whatnot! eeeekkkk! Real world here I come!

I am sooo excited though for Gabby and I to get our own space seeing how we been mooching off my little sister for past 2 months. I am very grateful to her and all she has done for us for sure.

I am now employed for 2 retail places barely making over minimum wage...gotta love what a bachelors in psych will get ya in state of Michigan! Sigh. I do have an interview this next month that I hope results in a full time job!!! Seeing how so far not even getting 40 hours between two jobs!

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