Thursday, March 31, 2011

Minimalism Envy

So I am a Gemini....this proves true in so many aspects of my life. The latest area is that of my home/cleaning or lack of cleaning really....I have such a desire to PURGE and have a space that resembles this....
but then again I love cozy and eclectic and can totally dig spaces such as this

Oh and speaking of bookshelves....I could do prob a whole blog post on just how much I adore bookshelves especially built in bookshelves like this above (and how clever to have that curtain to pull and hide them away if you choose?)....and also like this....
and this space would make me super happy

and how rad is this shelf?!

So as I was saying the Gemini thing hahaha....although I have a desire for everything to have it's place I also have my side of me that likes STUFF. I need to find the happy medium! I am thinking of this as first action plan....REMOVE all papers and anything not absolutely needed from our main floor of our house to either the basement or the garbage/recycling bin. This will help me feel organized and tidy but then again I will have to just go to the basement to deal with it.....decisions decisions...the buying of rubbermaid bins is much needed to organize the STUFF we already have but we have been better about ridding ourselves of said STUFF.

I am totally thinking out loud in my blog here so don't mind me ;) It is just one of those afternoons where the wheels are turning and I am trying to type to keep up and make sense of it all haha....

As I was searching out the pics above I did find my next MUST DO project...ya ready? Check it....
I want to do these (well not all of them but something like one of them at least!) in both the girls bedrooms and gosh dang it maybe every room in our house LOL!

The last example would prob be the easiest to execute as all it is are spice racks from Ikea! I mean how genius is that?! I could see these being used in my craft area too!!! Oh so many possibilities!

So there ya have it a peek into my mind today that has gone from how I need to get organized to constructing book shelving in my girls bedrooms to shelving in craft area....hey at least shelves have to do with organization right?! 


  1. You totally follow some of the same blogs as I do. (Is this a surprise? Probably not.) I noted the spice-rack-as-children's-bookshelf the other day as well :-)

    And I'm so with you on liking minimal but having trouble with the actual purging. My bedroom/craft room (2 bedroom apartment with a teenager) barely has floor to walk on. Any attempt I make at "cleaning" generally ends up with me doing another craft project ;-)

  2. LOL I know right?! I think all crafters have some ADD in them ;)

  3. I'm a new follower coming from Momo's!!! Love the book sheld idea for my son's room!! look forward to coming back to visit!!

  4. that bookshelf is RAD! where can I get one?

  5. You know Griff made our book shelf for Oscar right? I could email you the directions if you or Gareth would like a go at making them yourselves. he did it in a weekend and it ended up saving us money too!

  6. Ashley: would love directions!

    Chell: No idea I was just looking in google images and such LOL! I know the kids one with the little mini shelves that are actually spiceracks were also shown on Ohdeedoh

  7. and Ashley is that Oscar's bookshelf up there?! If so which one?! I just found all those by searching google images!!!

  8. haha No! I'm not cool enough to have stuff brought up in google. I will find the directions and email them to you!

  9. I too am a minimalist, but have the hardest time getting things organized. It seems things just get pushed from one room to another. Thanks for sharing.


  10. ooh a girl after my own heart,love all the pics of room ideas and book shelves, how do you choose which project to start with??? oh, and MOMO sent me!! =)Tiffany
    Breakfast at Tiffany's

  11. Wow! Love the pics of the book shelf.
    also, Momo sent me..
    Also, became a new follower..Would love it if you decided to follow my blog.

  12. I LOVE BOOKS which equals a love of book shelves! Nothing like sitting in a cozy room surrounded by books reading! Ah... happy place!