Sunday, March 27, 2011

Feeling accomplished....

even on this lazy Sunday! I love days like this and the only thing that sucks about them is wishing to have more of them just like it!!! So far today I have....
  1. Showered then immediatley put grubby worn sweatshirt and baggy fleece pants on (no bra of course!)
  2. Grabbed my Sunday coupon inserts and put them into my file box (oops still need to label them for easier organization)
  3. Played a lot with Lainey (I swear she is turning into the funniest cutest little person ever!)
  4. watched some Off the Map and Survivor that we had on the dvr with the hubbster
  5. Washed all Gabby's bedding (she sleeps with an insane amount of blankets and stuffed animals etc so it took two loads!)
  6. did todays 30 Days List :)
  7. then one of the biggest accomplishments was I went through ALL the blogs I follow then actually bookmarked them in folders (craft blogs, recipe blogs, and just general fave blogs) that way I can check the ones out I really care about more often! So often I miss so much since I follow so many that may not always be important to me (depending on the day and how much time I have!) So anyway this was HUGE for me and so happy I did it!
  8. tried Lainey's new SUPER cute swimsuit on her and took a few pics (need to go exchange it for one size bigger so I pray they have it tomorrow when I go!)
  9. watched Gabby shake her groove thang to some Just Dance and Just Dance 2
  10. ate too much peanut butter cup ice cream (UGHHHH why did our friend leave this behind?! I usually do not even indulge in much ice cream but it just sounded good today and I devoured it!)
Things I still want to accomplish today.......
  1. print Lainey's thank you cards out so I can write them out this week!
  2. finish up some laundry
  3. make Gabby's bed
  4. work on Project Life!
  5. maybe pick some coupons out for a rite aid trip tomorrow


  1. I HEAR YOU ON ICE CREAM. They have a new B&J flavor out "coconutty" something and it took shear will power to walk away. But then what did Griff do after he got off work? GO TO BASKIN ROBBINS. O it was good tho. I don't have ice cream that often I figure it's okay.

    Can I ask what have you been doing your 30 Days of Lists on? They look so good and I'm tired of just photoshopping words on top of mine!

  2. I accomplished a ton on Sunday too. It really does feel good.

  3. I am so glad I found your blog... thanks, Momo! I will have to give nutella a try! I am a new follower!