Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Lists 1 through 15

Here they are in lists for the first 15 days of the challenge :)
If you would like to see others please check out this blog 30 Days of Lists and then go check out the flickr pool :)

1 Prompt: About me

2 Prompt:What I am Good at (sadly breastfeeding ended 9 days after this! But I was great at it for a full year!)
3 Prompt:What I am looking forward to
4 Prompt:Today's Playlist (I usually pick online alternative type stations based upon bands I enjoy)
5 Prompt: Every weekend I hope to accomplish...
6 Prompt:Most hated words
7 Prompt:Blog Goals
8 Prompt:In my bag
9 Prompt:Fave websites/blogs (I of course thought of loads more after I did this list)
10 Prompt:Wishes
11 Prompt:Date Night Ideas
12 Prompt:Weekly Rituals
13 Prompt: DIY's I want to try (again thought of loads more after this!)
14 Prompt:Things I love about....
15 Prompt: On my shopping list (for this week so far)

And there ya have it my first 15 lists for the 30 days of Lists challenge :)

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