Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowmageddon=Getting Stuff Done!

yup that's my car

don't think I will be going to work today!

I wish you could tell even better the size of these snow drifts but it was hard to capture unless you were out trying to shovel them ;) Needless to say I dug my dog a small area so he could do his business then came back inside! 

It seems like our driveway catches drifts! Our back door was clear to open but then we had massive snow drifts all over in driveway that is going to take several hours (at least!) of shoveling before we can get the car out! I have been up since quarter after 6 this morning and it feels good to have a nice long day of no work smack in the middle of the week!

I plan to finish up my 2010 Project Life today!!! Yup 2 days past my deadline I gave myself but I just have 20 more pages to journal on and then voila! I shall be posting again tonight sharing it with you all!

As I said in previous posts I have learned a lot doing the 2010 one and although I love how it turned out I know I am going to love the 2011 one even more!!! Such a great way to capture a year in our lives to look at for years to come!

Stay tuned for the Project Life 2010 post later on tonight, I may even do a small video of me 
flipping through it :)

Edited to add: The album is COMPLETE! I tried getting some pics though and my crappy camera is not making me happy. :( SO I need to def do a video and pics tomorrow during daylight! Sorry about that folks!

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