Friday, February 4, 2011

Case of the Mondays

MONDAYS?!?!?!?!? AUGHHHHHH……yup my grad school that was postponed has now been re-scheduled to be on Monday evenings! Some people may say “Oh good get it over with then have all week and weekend to do homework.” But yeah not this girl that gets up for work at a little after 6am. See this program is about an hour’s drive away. This means Monday nights I won’t be even walking in my door until after 11pm at best. And then you know I will be wired…..soooo this means the rest of the week at work I shall be dragging hiney!

One good thing is that the admissions guy said that it can change every 6 weeks and I will never have a Friday evening class (not that I would really mind that to be honest!). So hopefully if enough people complain the next course will be later in the week haha! They said they are still about 1 or 2 people shy of what they would like to start with so there is still a chance of it being postponed AGAIN L Here’s hoping nothing stops it from starting though and that I can get the ball rolling on March 28th!

I am relieved winter SHOULD be on it’s way out so I won’t have to worry about nasty road conditions and it will be spring and I should be feeling all energetic and what not haha….

Oh and on a totally unrelated note pics and video of 2010 project life WILL be posted Saturday! I get home and it is too dark to get good pics and video so need to do it in daylight hours J

I also have a Rockin Green review and giveaway to do and an EcoStore review and giveaway to do! YAY!

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