Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One little Word: ORGANIZE

Ok so it isn't that little of a word but it is my word I have chosen to focus on for 2011 (and hopefully the rest of my life!).

I am not doing the Ali Edwards One Little Word challenge per se; but I still think it is a good idea to give yourself a word to focus on as it can help keep you on the right path for goals.

Things I want to organize in my life are:
  • Our home (an obvious one! so I will break it down a bit...)
    • Basement storage side
    • Basement craft area
    • Drawers in kitchen
    • cabinets in kitchen
    • Gabby's room
    • any other places that collect clutter!
  • My weight (I know it seems a funny thing to want to organize but I mean I need to stay organized so that I have healthy food options around me to stop me from putting the junk in my mouth!)
  • My schooling (I WILL be more organized and work on papers earlier than the night before they are due!)
  • my scrapbooking (always a challenge area for me but this year I want to keep on top of AT LEAST our family's Project Life album and anything else I take on will be bonus!)
I will try to do some updates and let you know how I am doing with my word (and the projects that require my magical word!). So far the first week of January I donated a back seat and trunk worth of stuff hooorayyy! Then last night I managed to throw a heaping pile (prob a grocery bag full) of papers away I had saved for various (unneeded!) reasons in our living room ottoman! I plan to keep on this path and try to minimize all the STUFF we have in our home one week at a time!!!

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