Wednesday, January 12, 2011

10 Months

Well Miss Lainey Bear aka Lainey Bug aka Buggy ;) you are officially 10 months already! Jeesh almighty you are growing WAY too quickly for us young lady! Cannot believe I need to start thinking about your 1st birthday more as it is going to be here in a blink!
This month....
  • You now have 3 teeth! two bottom middle and your top front left (the right is going to come out any time now!)
  • You are still loving guacamole and hummus especially on crackers, you also love egg salad and pancakes!
  • you are saying Mama and Dada and what sounds like Dog....still not sure if you realize what each means though haha
  • You speed crawl all the time
  • You are cruising like a pro along the furniture now 
  • You have let go while standing a couple of times (you mostly do this in the tub eeeek! not the BEST place to try this missy!)
  • You ADORE the show Yo Gabba Gabba and no matter what is going on you start dancing when you hear it come on
  • Personality is developing more and more and it cracks me UP! For example you were standing holding onto the couch and the ottoman and just kept lifting one leg outwards in front of you like you were kicking as you smiled away, so cute! 
  • Way too heavy for your swing now but we still put you in it from time to time for you to just chill after nursing and such
  • You are already attached to "Owly" a little brown blankie with owl head, you HAVE to have it to sleep with and will grab it and crawl around with it when you are sleepy 

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  1. She is sooo sweet! These kids of ours are growing up way too fast! She's beating Victor though with the teeth and words now ;)