Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Has Arrived!

Happy New Year All! I am sure many of you out there are hoping for great things in 2011, I know we are! Although we had the arrival of Miss Lainey this past year it also has been a tough one on us financially which of course can sadly affect you in other ways as well! We have tried to not let us down too much though and are making some positive changes in 2011 to hopefully remedy this situation!

I am starting Grad school which will HOPEFULLY lead to higher pay in the near future and my lovely hubby is going to start caring for our cute (yet quite the handful!) little niece during the week along with our girls.

The big thing I hope to change in 2011 is my health!
this pretty much sums up how I have been feeling past month! I just have been such a sloth it is disgusting! It has caught up to me and my energy level is feeling at an all time low despite getting more sleep. I know it is because I have been putting junk into my body therefore I am feeling like junk! THAT is going to change STAT! I picked up lots of fruits and veggies already as well as my handy dandy healthy soups (yes loaded with sodium but they are easy to grab for lunches and I know they are much better than many other choices out there!) 

I start weight watchers hopefully by the 15th of the month and also hope to start being more ACTIVE! 
Stay tuned!

Happy 2011!

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  1. Good luck Steph! I say I will get healthier every year, but so far not much has changed, haha. Maybe this year I will find a sport or activity that I enjoy (I try running every year but get sick of it after a month or so, I need something else...)