Thursday, October 1, 2009

October already!

Cannot believe it is October already wowsa!!! So excited for all upcoming in this month though!
  1. MOVING!
  2. Orchard visit for pumpkins and apples
  3. MOVING!
  4. Hopefully getting ultrasound scheduled to find out what bits Gummi Bear has!
  5. MOVING!
  6. Boo at the Zoo
  7. MOVING!!!!!!!

Ok so obviously moving kind of has me excited heh heh ;) It is going to be sooo nice to have a basement and a yard I cannot even stand it! I dream about the laundry area and having a laundry line up outside in the spring (sad aye?). Excited to set up Gabby's new room and the baby's room too!

Other than this excitement I have been feeling better but not 100% since now I have the great bronchial junk blech. Called doc today so will wait and see if I can take something a bit better over the counter or if they want me to come in first to get it checked out. I am due to go next week for my 16/17 week check up anyway but not sure I want to let this go another week as it is getting pretty nasty!

Had an interview yesterday that had me shaking like a leaf afterwards! I think I did pretty good but I also am well aware just how competitive it will be with the state of the job market around here. I am going by the whole "if it is meant to be it will be" motto! Should hear within a week or two they said....I would however be heartbroken to leave current work place as adore everyone I work with and you could really never pick a better more relaxed place to work! Sadly I need to be smart and try to advance more at this time in my life so that is what I am attempting.

Bear may start some college courses but he only wants to do online. Going to see about maybe getting him funding and then he may do all the courses to get Microsoft certified and such :) I would be sooo proud of him! Plus I told him if he can get it paid for it would be silly not to take advantage and get some sort of certification or degree!

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