Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's a..............Baby

Yup Gummi was moving around way too much to even try to sneak a peek at the goods! Darn. The tech said it was too early still too (which I know is hogwash since I know ladies that have found out even before 17 weeks!). I just hope and pray we still get an ultrasound at 20 to 22 weeks now! The tech did seem to get some good images of heart, kidneys, bladder, stomach, brain, and femur though so who knows what the doc will say. I just know I am dying to know the sex! Oh well a surprise would be super fun it is just the HUGE name debate since we cannot decide on a boy name whatsoever and we have kind of given up at this point since we don't know if it is even worth worrying about if it's a girl LOL! So the wait is on.....And here is Gummi approx 17 weeks 4 days.

Best 3D shot the tech could manage of profile
Back of head and spine

Side profile of head with hand up by face

Scary predator type shot of face looking right at us

Side profile of the big ole' head and tummy :)

That is a hand with fingers sticking up to the right

Another half frontal shot of face

Foot on left

Gummi kept looking like s(he) was doing crunches bringing knees to face LOL! Here is a shot of that in motion.

All in all was a big relief to see Gummi moving around quite happily especially since I am not feeling much movement yet. The tech also assured me that Gummi was sitting quite high for the age. Was sitting right behind belly button if not a little higher up. Heart rate was at 135 today which dropped from 150 a couple weeks ago! Online heart rate predictors keep telling me boy so we shall see.............

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