Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scared and Excited

Ok this may not seem like much to those not going through it all but there has been an approval for someone a couple days before Gareth and I sent our petition and another approval for someone a couple days after we sent our petition!!!! THIS could mean ours could be COMING!!! I am so freaking excited but also scared to death we are going to be left in the dust and waiting and wondering what is going on!!!
I so want our September 27th,2008 wedding to all seems so surreal and I hate that feeling...the feeling it is not real..the feeling it is not going to actually happen! Come on CSC (California Service Center for processing immigration visas) make this nervous feeling go away and send us our approval!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not feeling so sunny these days

UGHH this wait is killing me. I miss my love, I miss having him hold me and I holding him! This is just NUTS what they make us go through to marry someone we love from another country.

Needless to say we have yet to hear shit all from immigration the wait is on....

I interviewed for two new positions through my job but no idea if I will get offered either one. Today was one of those days though that made me REALLY want to find another job. Just way too hectic for such little really can stink in that way.

Gabby is so pleased to be going to a party at Chuckie Cheese tomorrow for one of her best friends in kindy. It is so cute to see her carefully pick out a present and then of course she had to wrap it herself! heh heh...She picked her out a cute Strawberry Shortcake doll that comes with a tree swing playset. Something I would have loved for sure as a child since I was a Strawberry Shortcake nut at that age.

I just want Gareth here enjoying all with us. I am soooo beyond ready for him to be on his way here and in my arms!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just waiting......

Ughhhh I want our approval SO DAMN bad! I am sick of all this waiting seriously. We should technically have our approval by my birthday, so here's hoping and praying!!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow Mamas out there! My Gabby surprised me in bed this morning with the cutest little hand made tile coaster they did in school. She drew a pic of us shopping for fish together awww! Pretty sad considering BOTH her fish were dead within a week!

I am so relieved to say I made it through her 6th birthday party alive...barely but I did make it! A couple pics of the day.....

Yes the pinata was on the floor as we had no where to safely hang it from LOL! The girls didn't mind! That was Gabby wearing her new tinkerbell fairy type dress up outfit as she took a few wacks!
Well today I have cleaning ahead of me and vegging as much as I can! Maybe giving Gabby's new Mario Kart for wii a try :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Come onnnnnnnnnnn

Ok my hopes are up WAY too high these days and I just hope I don't head for a crash here soon....there have been more January approvals for visas coming out of the Cali center and I am praying we hear something in next couple weeks! Each day we don't hear anything or that I don't see any movement on our case makes me so damn nervous!

Other news to panic about...I am putting in for 2nd job this week that would be a promotion for me from my current job. Both jobs are pretty different than what I am currently doing but both actually require a bachelors degree which my current position does not. This SHOULD mean more money for me which lord knows I need more money! I mean a person with an education should not have to get state assistance with food stamps and such...just my own personal opinion haha! But I gladly take any help I can get as jeesh I sure do work hard and deserve all I can there! haha.

Once Gareth gets here life is going to be so much more fun and relaxing and I am yearning for those moments so badly. Everything just seems so high stress for me at the moment when it truly does not need to be. I always have to remind will be ok!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Ok everyone in the camera world may gasp a bit, but I am REALLY wanting to downgrade in cameras. I currently have the Canon powershot S2Is.....It does amazing really BUT it is bulky and big and the lens cap is constantly falling off which drives me bonkers....I really am wanting something I can easily toss into the purse and go with!

I am lusting after THIS

It is soooo darn cute and blue and my man has the earlier model which does an awesome job....I let him know I wanted this since my birthday is coming up and all ;)

First Pets

Introducing Pinky Pie and Olive

Could the girl be any happier with her new and first pets? Gabby decided this is what she wanted to spend some of her birthday money on this year :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

This could be OUR month!!!

I am soooo beyond excited as Cali Service Center has finally seemed to wake up and is pumping out some visa approvals! Just this past week we have even seen over 5 January petitioner approvals on the message board I go to! Gareth and I are January petitioners so yeah pretty exciting to say the least! My fingers and toes and eyes are crossed so hard that we hear of our approval this month so we can get the rest of it all rolling!

I want my Bear here with us for some of this summer! I mean if we got our approval in May there is the actual chance he could be here in July for sure!!! That is so exciting to me!!!! I am trying to not get hopes up too damn high but shit it is hard when we have been waiting so damn long to see one another again.

Went out driving around looking at houses for sale today too....that is a biggie on our to do list once Gareth arrives as well.....buying our first house! Big changes to come in next year or so hopefully!!!

Ok off to enjoy my Labatts ;)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day!!!

Well made it to May but Michigan has other is cold and only supposed to reach the 50's today with rain... hmmpppfffff!

Gabby turns 6 in 13 days!

I just want HIM here with us and sure hope this is our month to hear something!

Have a kind of busy month ahead.....Gabby's party on the 10th, Mothers Day on the 11th, Gabby's birthday which I am taking her out to lunch on the 13th, I go to Chicago to see the Cure on the 17th, and I am volunteering at a beer tent on the 30th.....let's hope all these things make time move for me!