Saturday, May 3, 2008

This could be OUR month!!!

I am soooo beyond excited as Cali Service Center has finally seemed to wake up and is pumping out some visa approvals! Just this past week we have even seen over 5 January petitioner approvals on the message board I go to! Gareth and I are January petitioners so yeah pretty exciting to say the least! My fingers and toes and eyes are crossed so hard that we hear of our approval this month so we can get the rest of it all rolling!

I want my Bear here with us for some of this summer! I mean if we got our approval in May there is the actual chance he could be here in July for sure!!! That is so exciting to me!!!! I am trying to not get hopes up too damn high but shit it is hard when we have been waiting so damn long to see one another again.

Went out driving around looking at houses for sale today too....that is a biggie on our to do list once Gareth arrives as well.....buying our first house! Big changes to come in next year or so hopefully!!!

Ok off to enjoy my Labatts ;)

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