Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Come onnnnnnnnnnn

Ok my hopes are up WAY too high these days and I just hope I don't head for a crash here soon....there have been more January approvals for visas coming out of the Cali center and I am praying we hear something in next couple weeks! Each day we don't hear anything or that I don't see any movement on our case makes me so damn nervous!

Other news to panic about...I am putting in for 2nd job this week that would be a promotion for me from my current job. Both jobs are pretty different than what I am currently doing but both actually require a bachelors degree which my current position does not. This SHOULD mean more money for me which lord knows I need more money! I mean a person with an education should not have to get state assistance with food stamps and such...just my own personal opinion haha! But I gladly take any help I can get as jeesh I sure do work hard and deserve all I can there! haha.

Once Gareth gets here life is going to be so much more fun and relaxing and I am yearning for those moments so badly. Everything just seems so high stress for me at the moment when it truly does not need to be. I always have to remind will be ok!

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