Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fingers and Toes are Crossed!

Well a position has come open at the Community Mental Health in our town for a case manager and I am going to put in for it tomorrow! Closing date to apply is August 1st (next Friday). I have contacted a friend who works for them and am using her as a reference....if I get this position that would mean another $7,000 a year for me! And I heard they get nice annual raises to boot since it is a county position! EEEEE....I am so nervous yet so excited and hope this will lead me to my career path I am meant to take. Staying in the optimistic state of mind I have a car already picked out to purchase if I get this job haha....think I shall be going for a Honda Fit as they are cute, affordable, and cheap on gas! I liked the Toyota Yaris liftback but it doesn't seem to come in a 4 door unless u get the Yaris Sedan which I am a fan of hatchbacks soooo that is not doing it for me ;)

Anywayyyyy everyone wish me luck on this new venture!

Oooohhh and engagement ring arrived it is GORGEOUS! Just have to get it sized as it is a little too loose yet.

Still no word on our visa approval :(

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