Thursday, July 17, 2008

My ringggggggggggggggg

We ordered my ring today and this is what I ended up picking out........

and side view

I am so beyond excited to get this puppy on my naked ring finger! I dunno why as it sure doesn't bring Gareth any closer to me but in a weird way I have a feeling it may bring me comfort until he does arrive! It is a 1 carat diamond center stone that they did some crazy lab stuff to so they made it a gorgeous ocean blue diamond eeeeeee LOVE. Then it has white diamonds on the sides and is all set in 18k white gold. SWOON.

As for visa news.....called today since today is our 180 day since filing day....and was told "Sorry ma'm you are still in security checks" ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH seriously how long is it going to take?! There have now been quite a few March approvals on my message board I go to for visa filer support! To say it makes me upset and livid is an understatement! I am trying to remain calm and say they are making us wait for some reason or just better be a good one as they are wasting tons of precious time we could be together making babies and whatnot haha!!!

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  1. OMG, your ring is absolutely gorgeous!!!! YAY!!