Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Love is like a rollercoaster......

So much been going on emotions are all over the place...maybe cause I am pms'ing maybe because I have now officially gone off prozac (yeah again!) for about a month now I just don't know....anyways to make a long story short my mother is a VERY selfish negative person and I have decided to take a fast from her for about a month this means no email even. I just give her WAY too many chances and she just makes me feel shitty all over again. All I have to say is thank the sweet Lord for my Grandparents....

As for me and Gareth we are happy to announce we got an RFE haha....what is this you ask? Well it was a letter stating "Request for more Evidence" what kind? Well we had to send more proof we knew each other in person and had met in person within the 2 years PRIOR to us filling out the form in January to apply for a fiance' visa....ARGHHHHHHHHHH we sent this shit already people!!!! So yeah I ended up sending them 12 pics of us all labeled with dates, addys, info...mapquest of how far apart we lived, my passport pages again this time in color, and seriously a whole butt ton of other stuff they prob did not need! Honestly I think they want to do a DNA test or something it is just ridiculous!

So that all got to them in Cali yesterday early afternoon. Now we are back to waiting again.....good news is SUPPOSEDLY they have only 60 days to give us an answer now.....the average on the message board I go on is only around a month and most recently only taking a couple weeks for couples to get approvals after this step...BUT knowing the luck we been having we still have 60 plus more days to go....SIGH

I drive myself absolute bonkers checking the immigration site throughout the day to see if the date has changed on the last time they have worked on our case...a "touch" it is called according to my fellow message board support groupies ;) So yes Gareth and I want to be TOUCHED BADDDDDDDD hahaha!

I just keep sighing out loud here as like I said I am a ball of emotions right now. I know this too shall pass so trying to stay positive and get the negative out and away from me.

Is it Friday yet?

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