Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lainey's words 2 years 4 months old

We have just begun to have an Early On speech person come and work with Lainey since she is behind verbally for her age (and I figure free help sure doesn't hurt a bit!). I wanted to jot down words she knows right now so that I have it to refer to in another few months to see how she is progessing so I am going to attempt to put them all down here (that I can think of being pregnant and all my memory is not great!).

Without Prompting
  1. hi
  2. bye
  3. milk ('ilk)
  4. mama
  5. dada
  6. booboo (bruno the dog whom we also call booboo)
  7. Gabby
  8. Lainey
  9. hungry
  10. food
  11. cookie
  12. "whas that"
  13. "I did it"
  14. "oh no"
  15. bumbum (for anytime she goes in her diaper)
  16. bath
  17. shoes
  18. outside
  19. "nigh nigh"
  20. "where'd it go?"
  21. tree
  22. feet/foot
  23. eye
  24. green
  25. Gabba (for Yo Gabba Gabba)
  26. guppa...ssss (for Bubble guppies)
  27. Blues Clues
  28. "yee haw"
  29. sit
  30. tickle
  31. purple
  32. brown
With Prompting
  1. pink ('nink')
  2. red
  3. yellow ('lellow')
  4. black
  5. blue
  6. sky
  7. banana (nana)
  8. cup
  9. cheeks
  10. nose
  11. ears
And more and more each day!

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