Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Silas Grayson's Birth Story

So 5 days ago on July 13th 2012 I gave birth to a baby boy! Yes it was Friday the 13th and we couldn't have been more excited about your "spooky" birthday since big sister Gabby's birthday is on May 13th and big sister Lainey's birthday is 3/10 making it.... yup a 13, so it was only natural you had a 13 connection with your birthday too.

We did not find out if you were a boy or a girl ahead of time as you are our last planned baby and we wanted a surprise. Thing is mommy and daddy weren't surprised at all! We just knew you were a boy! The pregnancy overall was my best pregnancy in regards to how I felt the 9 months as well as you were my most active baby. It was so fun and amazing to feel and see you moving around inside of me as you grew. I am already missing feeling all those kicks and hiccups and movements.

We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am to be admitted. Daddy picked up the babysitter at 5am to come and be with your sisters while we were gone and off we went. We got there a little early and I signed paperwork and they got me settled into a room. I was doing good and was calm until they had to do the iv. Despite my tattoos mommy does NOT like needles. The iv was a little painful and while the nurse was trying to get it in I felt myself  "caving out" as I like to call it. What I mean by this is I felt like I was going to pass out, everyone started to sound really far away and I felt myself getting very hot. I had Daddy get me a cool cloth and he explained to the nurse I was scared for the needle in my back that would be coming soon. I had a bad experience with Lainey where they went into my back 3 or 4 times and this was making me panic. The nurse was super sweet and caring and promised me it was not normally like that and that the anesthesiologist that was on duty was really good. He came in to meet me and assured me he was good and I made him promise he would get it in first try haha!

I calmed down again and blood was drawn and various meds were administered to me. They then had me walk down the hall to the OR and Daddy suited up and was in the waiting area while they did my spinal and prepped me. They got the needle in first try! It was such a better experience than before and I have to say the iv hurt worse! The nurses assured me that it may take longer this time to retrieve the baby since it was my 3rd c-section and there would most likely be scar tissue to work through.

Daddy was brought in and I held his hand almost the entire time. It seemed to be quite awhile of pushing and pulling before they finally said for Daddy to get ready with the camera and for them to lower the curtain so that I could see you be born as well.

But then there you were! Our beautiful baby boy with a great set of lungs! You weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces and were 18 inches long. Daddy went over and got to cut your cord while they dried you off a bit and they brought you to me to hold. I didn't get to hold you too long as I was then overwhelmed with nausea. I started to gag but nothing happened (the anesthesiologist did warn me of itching and nausea)...they had Daddy bring you out to the room I would be recovering in and then I did throw up several times before they wheeled me out, yuck!

Once we got to recovery I did ok but the itching in my face began and I was still nauseous. All went ok though and soon we were moved to our room where we would stay until we were discharged.  The rest of the day I felt very out of it and nauseous. I got sick several more times (while Aunt Katie and mommy's friend Elizabeth were visiting) and finally after a combo of several anti-nausea medications I was starting to feel more with it and able to eat more.

Right from the beginning you seemed to nurse well but you definitely did not want to open wide to latch on. Mommy has been suffering a bit because of this but we are working on it! I wanted to go home really badly by the next morning but of course that was not happening. I even had gotten up quite a bit the first day/evening and walked around and even showered. Aunt Katie, your sisters, Grandma Nana and Grandpa, and my friend Elizabeth were your first visitors.

On Saturday my friend Andrea and her 1 month old Isla visited as well as my friend Kendra and then of course Daddy and your sisters again and Elizabeth again too. Saturday went much better overall and the nurse Crystal I had in the evening was amazing and took you to the nursery a few times in between feedings so Mommy could get some much needed rest!

Sunday we were discharged and released to go home! YAYYYY let the adventure begin!

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