Wednesday, July 4, 2012

9 Sleeps until Baby Firefly Arrives!

I honestly cannot get over how freaking fast this pregnancy has gone compared to my first two! Sure I had morning sickness and a myriad of random infections that have annoyed me the past 9 months but overall this has been my best pregnancy so far! For the most part I have felt great and my allergies have been the cause of most my misery this pregnancy.

Then there is the movement! Oh my goodness you are such an ACTIVE baby! It has been so awesome to feel how much you are moving around in my tummy! Daddy and Gabby have both been able to feel you and see you moving around in my tummy so much which has been just as awesome for them as it has been for me. We are a bit nervous to what this all may mean to your personality when you are born though! Are you gonna be a little crazy maniac our sweet baby? haha...

You are scheduled to arrive on the 13th and Mommy is lucky enough to have the week off so maybe I can start to feel officially ready for your arrival!

We just cannot wait to meet you and find out if you are a boy or a girl! (Mommy and Daddy both think you are a boy right now!).

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