Monday, December 6, 2010

Ahhh the changing wishlists for Santa!

So Gabby changed her biggest wish from Aurora to of course an American Girl doll (over double the price of COURSE!)....well Santa came through and now Miss Julie (who Gabby says she will call Julia since it sounds prettier ;) ) is on her way to our home to be wrapped up extra special from the big red guy!
I am actually really excited about this change...despite the additional cost I know how wonderful these dolls are! Gabby is the owner of one of the AG Just Like me dolls that she got for I believe her 4th birthday and that doll (whom she has started to call Krystal) sleeps beside her either in her very own doll sized bunk bed or right beside Gabby all tucked in (wearing a nightgown every night of course!).

I would much rather spend the money on one really nice gift instead of same amount of money on a bunch of little junk she does not need (we do that enough as it is LOL!).

We are pretty much done shopping for the girls though so that is a great feeling! Now to get everyone else finished and then of course to get it all wrapped!

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