Sunday, December 12, 2010

9 Months

Your 1st Birthday is coming up so quickly we just cannot believe it! Pretty ironic how slow my 9 month pregnancy went yet these 9 months of your life have gone by so FAST! You are growing way too quickly for us my dear!

  • Crawling still like a wounded soldier but you are also crawling on all fours when you can be bothered ;)
  • Pulling up to standing not only on the dog but on the furniture, walls, doors, your swing!
  • Cruising! Cannot believe how fast this skill is being perfected by you!
  • Dancing! Either just sitting in swing or high chair swaying head back and forth with ear to ear grin and even dancing while standing! You bop up and down and head goes back and forth, you are LOVING Christmas music :)
  • You are still nursing 3 or 4 times a day on days Mommy works (as well as 2 to 3 bottles of 3 oz each pumped milk from Daddy)
  • You eat lunch and dinner every day and are loving homemade egg and chicken salad on toast sticks! You also still love pear and apple slices as well as avocado and banana.
  • You hated Santa heh heh.....Sorry mommy laughs about it but for some reason I crack up at kiddos that are freaked out about the big red guy ;)
  • Wearing size 9 month stuff but 12 month stuff can pass easily too! Yet you are still in 0 to 6 month shoes!
  • Cannot wait to find out your stats for 9 months but we don't go to doctor until December 23rd so will have to update then, my guess is over 20 pounds for weight though definitley!
  • ETA: Lainey's doctor stats from 12/23/2010 so 9.5 months
    Weight 20lbs 8oz (75%)
    Height 27 inches (25%)
    Head (10%)

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  1. Love the last picture! She looks like you and Gabby more.