Friday, April 23, 2010

Maternity Leave Officially Over

I cannot believe over 6 weeks has flown by....well it has and it hasn't. It has because I cannot believe I really have to return to work Monday but it hasn't because the majority of my leave as most new mommy's know went by in an overly exhausted Groundhogs Day-esque blur...Although I am super sad about returning I am also excited at the routine it will help bring us all!

I wanted to re-visit my to do lists I had made and see what I actually did these past 6 weeks we go ones I hadn't mentioned finishing before... on Lainey's baby book (I have done but need to put pics in still) on Gabby's school scrapbook (nope haven't touched it...I have thought about it lots though LMAO) on Project life scrapbook (I am keeping up with the putting pics in this well but need to do journaling!)
4.get windshield on car replaced (DONE)
5.get more thank you cards sent out (DONE)
6.Plan Gabby's 8th birthday party (I am doing a Magic 8 Ball theme) and get all decor sorted/made so we are set for it in May (yeah not doing that theme anymore she wants a slumber party so I am letting her and no idea what we will do now)
7.get me and Bear's wedding pics printed out and/or made into an online scrapbook so we actually have tangible albums before we hit our 2 year anniversary in November (Did it! Had a photo book made!)
8.Work on a crochet project (since one of my resolutions was to learn how and I have yet to start) (Nope didn't even open this haha)
9.Try and get some rest and get good breastfeeding/pumping schedule down before returning to work! (well def no to the rest part but I am doing good as for the breastfeeding and pumping goes!)

So all in all I feel pretty good about what I did manage to accomplish all while treasuring my new sweet little girl!


  1. It sucks that we only got 6 weeks

  2. (random fellow offbeat mama blogger here)

    Just wanted to thank you for posting!! It takes a lot of strength to go back to work after having a child (especially after only 6 weeks)! good luck with everything!

  3. Hey, sorry that you had to go back to work, I seriously can't imagine going back so early, a year seems like too soon! lol. I hope that you've gotten a good schedule established so that things go a bit more smoothly for you all. So glad to hear that big sister loves the new addition and that you're still getting some of your goals accomplished (I'm the same way, I only get about 50% of what I want done...) Also, thanks for sharing about the nipple shield, we're trying to wean off of it and it's going ok, still some work needed I think (and yes, I do pump every day so that Papa can feed once at night, it really helps.)

    Hope everything's going well for you and your cute little family!

    (Sorry it took so long for me to respond, I'm only online about once a week these days!)