Saturday, April 10, 2010

1 Month

About your first month of life Miss Lainey Bear aka Zombeebee...

You have been cloth diapered since around 2weeks old (right after belly button stump came off), any time we put sposies on you get a bit of a rash, as soon as we go back to cloth it clears up! We love cloth diapers on you too soooo cute :)

You have been breastfeeding the entire time and Mommy is so proud of herself for this even if we are still stuck using the nipple shield!

You get the hiccups LOTS!

You are SO noisy and feisty LOL, if you are grunting and snorting in your sleep you are then doing it while nursing which is what gave you the nickname Zombeebee(cause you sound like a Zombie feeding haha!)

Not only are mommy and daddy completely in love with you but your big sister is as well! She even asked us last night if you two girls could share a bedroom when you are 5....we will see how she feels about that when the time comes since she will then be almost 13 haha!

Sleeping is pretty good most nights and you usually give mommy and daddy a 4 hour stretch and sometimes even a 5 hour one! Too bad mommy is used to sleeping 9 to 6 am on average so even with longer stretches Mommy just cannot seem to catch up and is always tired!

You are wearing newborn clothes still and some of your 0 to 3 month stuff

You have just in past few days started gurgling and cooing with what seems like some purpose...usually it is while staring at the sun filtering through our living room curtains

You have had a couple smiles slip through while awake but mostly still all while sleeping (gas I am sure)

Speaking of gas...every morning almost Mommy can lay you on her tummy and chest in bed and you will let em go for a good hour!

You have been binging past few days...meaning you nurse almost constant for like a 3 to 4 hour stretch! Mommy hopes this passes soon! Especially since you then usually spit most of it up afterwards!

Love you so much little girl and we love seeing each and every milestone you reach...we are too blessed to have had you!!!

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