Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More nursery ideas

Ok I will post an updated belly shot this weekend I promise! I am so behind on putting new pics on the computer as don't even have Halloween ones up yet so will make sure to get that done and share this weekend.

But for now more nursery ideas!!!

This is the crib we have decided upon! We just love it! And it is one of those nifty ones that turns into the toddler bed and then a very pretty girly double bed for later on!

And I would LOVE to get this matching dresser but not too sure as may just stalk used shops and craigslist and paint our own to match for a fraction of the cost! But how pretty is this?

Then many thanks to Shannon who shared these fantastical customizable owl shelves that are even made right here in Michigan!!!!

Eeeeeeeeeeee so excited!!! Still need to pick wall color out but waiting for Lainey's blanket to arrive so we can match up....pretty sure we are going with a spring green though...similar to the wall color behind those owl shelves but a bit darker/deeper.

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