Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hormonal Bummer Time

Not a big update as I am in a funk to say the least today.
Good news: all moved and doing ok on unpacking and tidying
Good news: Baby tests all came back healthy and normal
Bad news: no idea if I will get another ultrasound therefore leaving Gummi a mystery which is making it really hard for me to feel connected to the baby at this time :(

As for wives tales go though the heart rate from today is still saying boy so we shall see.....


  1. Hey Steph, glad to hear that you're all moved in and ok! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I was the same way as you, I didn't really feel 'connected' to the baby until I knew that he was a boy, it makes things so much easier! I really hope you get to find out what Gummi is soon!

  2. Thanks Genevieve! I really hope my doc makes an u/s happen before Christmas because I just cannot even get too thrilled about nursery decor at this point!