Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Shopping Underway

Ok finally feel as if we are getting some shopping accomplished and out of the way, like many we are cutting back this year. I have a present for my mom done and Gabby Muffin is almost done as well! So far we have the following for her:

Guess Who Electronic (I am excited to play this heehee)

Barbie Girl accessory set (clearance set for her barbie mp3 player)

Dance Dance Revolution for xbox 360 (no idea which one but we got it for 40 bucks and thought it would be fun for the family)

Some doll clothes I got at an art fair for her AG dolls

Bunkbed for AG doll (from walmart)

Set of 2 barbie kid mermaids (clearance again)

Polly pocket set (yup clearance)

a couple tee shirts, a dress, 3 pairs leggings, icarly undies

Think that is it for now. Do not actually plan to add too much more to the mix since she also receives gifts from family and the kid really REALLY does not need another toy! We do plan on adding one or two DS games and some math flashcards and prob some goodies from the dollar store for her stocking.

Now to finish up gifts for Dad, Grandparents, neice, and figure out what we are doing for Bear's family in England (thinking we will order from UK stores therefore skipping on postage for us!). Gabby's aunt's family as they are always keeping Gabby overnight so want to give them a family gift, and oh yeah I need to make teacher gifts!

So how are you all doing on your shopping? Any homemade gifts being made?

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