Friday, August 22, 2008

Another step closer

Gareth has his medical appointment scheduled for next Thursday (8/28/08) in London! He received his new police record he had to order and he also should be able to collect his vaccination record today from his regular doctor. He has gotten several jabs in the past week thanks to the NHS covering expenses so hopefully he won't have any added onto his London appt costs. He already has to pay 200 pounds(400 dollars!) or more for chest xray and for them to basically just look him over!

Our next step is waiting for the London embassy to receive our visa packet. It has cleared California (this is the part that took over 200 days!) and then made its way to the National Visa Center (NVC) which it arrived there 8/16/08 and then was shipped out to London this week on 8/19/08.

Once London has our goods we then need to wait for a packet 3 to arrive to Gareth which he then sends back to London saying "Hey all I am ready for this interview, let's do it!" . Then we wait AGAIN for a packet 4 to arrive to Gareth which then tells him when his interview is scheduled in London. WHEW...seems like a lot more yet but we are hoping to have it all completed in September! Fingers crossed!

One thing is we can call the Department Of State Visa department and they are so friendly and give me the info before we even get the packets in the mail at this point! So hopefully when I call late next week they will say London has our stuff. And hopefully fingers crossed soon after they will tell us when Gareth's interview is scheduled for!!!

Once Gareth has the interview his actual visa should be to him in a weeks time and then plane tickets can be purchased! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE We are SO beyond ready!

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