Thursday, June 12, 2008

Really? Nothing yet?


Yup nothing yet from immigration....all I can say is FUCKKKKKK it is so irritating and aggravating and infuriating and every other angry word that ends in "ing".

I did call and get through to a real person on Tuesday who took my name and info down and even gave me a reference number! Thank you Erica whoever you are! Thing is I have no idea what to do with this here reference number as it doesn't seem to have anywhere I can plug it into to find info now about this number haha....

I am getting so tired of seeing all these people who filed after us get approvals :( I am happy for them don't get me wrong but it is soooo hard. I know I got divorced right before our application went in and I know that may slow up things but really doesn't seem it would be that big a deal! I mean I had all documents stating I am legal to marry again etc... people get married all the time right after being divorced from others so not like I am the first to ever try it! JEESH.

Only other thing I think could be slowing things down is the fact that Gareth attempted to come here in December and got turned around and sent back to London. But even that they told him should not cause any problems in the future for him to come is just they thought he was going to try and stay (well we are doing things all by the book and purposely asking for him to be able to stay this time and look what good it is doing us!?).

So yeah it is one of them days where I am none to happy....It is also hot as Satans bumhole in this 3rd floor apartment so I am chilling in my bra with a fan right on me.. ACE.

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