Sunday, June 15, 2008

Don't Know just don't Know

Well we got notice from immigration we are "stuck in security background checks" and that it could take up to an additional 180 days! Ummmm WTF?! I am trying to stay positive though and hoping they just gave this to us as an excuse instead of telling us "Oops yeah we forgot about you guys". We did receive a touch on our case (the date changes on their website every time they do something with our case) both the 13th AND 14th though sooooo here's hoping something is happening and we get our approval soon! I want our September 27th wedding DAMMIT!!!

Back to work tomorrow had a nice weekend though and seemed long which is always a nice thing instead of it going by super quickly. Drank some pear cider and also strongbow cider yumyum summertime! Watched my adorable ginger headed niece and hung out with some old friends.

Tomorrow though I have to work springs all week at work...what does this entail you ask? Well me checking over a 1,000 springs to make sure they are gauaged times ughhhh. Oh well hopefully the week will fly by and I will be back in the class room the next week.

Here are a couple faves I snapped at the park of Gabby and her friend Josh (I have been friends with his Daddy since I was in the 9th grade awwww).

Ok and for complete randomness I am in LOVE with this ring on etsy and think this is going to be the look I am going to go for when Gareth and I go to get my ring made....


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