Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring is FINALLY in the Air

Took Gabby to the park today and it was so dang lovely out! But what do I do? I get depressed because Gareth is not here enjoying it with us. I know I need to live for the moment, especially the moments with my 5 almost 6 year old daughter...but damn it is freaking hard when you feel such a huge part of your heart is missing!

Actually got some stuff done today but still never as much as truly needed due to me napping and being lazy :P

Sat on the balcony a bit with Gabby too around 5 pm and again marveled at how sudden it seems the weather has shifted here in Michigan. I am SO happy it is spring and Gabby and I are both looking forward to the trees having leaves on them again! One thing that makes me smile is looking down into the little courtyard there is a bed of daffodils....right now only one has managed to pop out and say hello. It looks so cute right in the middle the only yellow head brave enough to come out in this crazy Michigan spring weather we have had. Need to try and snap a pic tomorrow morning before it's friends finally join it!

Gareth and I are approaching the 100 day mark since we applied for his fiance' visa....gosh I really do not want to make it to 100 days! I want our approval NOW NOW NOWWWWW! I just am praying and hoping and wishing and having fingers crossed etc...that we hear something SOON and can move onto next steps of planning our life together!

Oh bought a couple books today one being "The Cheapest Family in America" hoping to gain some tips and insight into becoming debt free someday and still own a house etc....hahaha...wish me luck with that (yes and I did just order Wii Fit and Mario Cart for Wii as well this week....oopsie!). But hey bought the book so that is a step in the right direction right? Or not since I spent money on the book?????

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