Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hit me Baby one more time?!

OK so yesterday I hit myself a total of 3 times...I am not talking just little bumps here but outright wanting to yell out (well I did yell out the last time) at the world bumps!
  1. First thing in the morning bending over to get something off the floor...stand up and WHAM head into doorknob! #$%^&!!!
  2. Walking into break room at work and WHAM where did that table come from that has always been there? Right into the corner of it my thigh did hit @#*&$!!!!
  3. Last thing of the night getting pillows out of daughters room from lower part of her loft bed...WHAM there goes a different part of my head into the wood above me! $#@&!!

Not sure if I was just clumsy as all heck yesterday or I can just chalk it up to a bad day overall but man oh man puh-leaseeeee no bumps or bruises today!!!

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