Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lainey's 2 year update (a little late)

Miss Lainey Raine cannot even believe you are two already (well until your temper tantrums ensue that is!). These two years have gone by!

About you at Age 2

  • You are SO active! You have been jumping off the ground for months now (your big sister was still not able to until I think closer to age 3!) 
  • You learned how to get out of your crib even when mattress was all the way lowered! And you did it fast and smooth like a bank robber sliding down the side of a building out a window! 
  • Thankfully you are still napping each day for a couple hours and going to bed before 8pm as long as we stick to routine and shut your door so you cannot come on out. Sometimes you fuss but at longest it is around 5 minutes or so. Usually you just wander around, look at some books, then crash in your bed or the twin mattress on the floor we put next to your bed.

  • You are a little behind verbally according to "standards" but your pediatrician was not worried since you are so physical and you are def trying to get more and more words out
  • As for words I would say you are over 20 now and copy more and more, you still mainly just ramble (a lot!) in your own language to us which is super cute
  • You went through a phase where you were beyond obsessed with balancing things; usually things that could not be balanced like a mermaid on top of a my little pony! Or my little ponies on Daddy's head hahaha, You would get TICKED off if it would not balance! 

  • You love stacking things and playing with various people figures and animal figures you have
  • favorite shows are still Yo Gabba Gabba and Bubble Guppies but you are enjoying some Blues Clues, The Wiggles, and Dora and Diego occasionally
  • You love looking at books and are finally starting to realize that we can read them to you 
  • You LOVE dancing still and will dance to almost any music that is on even the music that comes on Daddy's hockey channels when just scores or schedules are posted haha!

  • Favorite foods are cheerios (plain, multi grain pb, and multi grain), Daddy's crunchy nut corn flakes, pb on english muffins or toast, raisins, bananas, baked beans (still), water and milk (we still rarely give you juice) you won't touch most meats or veggies which is pretty normal from what I have read!
Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet Lainey buggles!

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