Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baby Firefly Pregnancy Week 23

This past week I have finally started feeling you move....A LOT! Gabby and Daddy have both felt you kick even and Daddy even saw my belly move on the outside today. It is a wonderful thing but you are also making Mommy nauseous at times by all your acrobatics!

Speaking of nausea I think I am finally 100% done getting sick too! AWESOME so much AWESOME! Hopefully the sickness does not come back like I have had in the past!

We are slowly getting your nook more ready for you in our bedroom. The crib is set up and we bought a travel type bassinet/co-sleeper you will be in for your first few months. Your crib sheet, custom rainbow star blanket, and custom sun/cloud/rainbow mobile have all been ordered and on their way as well.

I got another batch of diapers ordered and will be organizing them all soon! We honestly don't have too much to do to prepare for your arrival so Mommy has decided to feed her nesting desires by purging the house a bit! I am starting to fill an area of the basement with stuff for a garage sale I will have at the end of August! This way if you do indeed turn out to be a boy like Daddy and others seem to think I can sell off a ton of girl clothing at the sale too!

Oh and most exciting news is we have your birthday all scheduled! July 13th at 7:30 am! Yup we are having you on Friday the 13th which Daddy thinks is so rad and so do I since your big sister Gabby also has a birthday on the 13th (in May though).Of course there is always the chance I go into labor or my water breaks before this date but for now your birthday is set to be July 13th, 2012.

Baby bump in full effect!

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