Saturday, February 25, 2012

Random Purchases

I just love tax return time (or anytime I may end up with a little extra cash!) It allows me to make some random much needed purchases.

So what have I bought lately? Here's a run down in no particular order (and I will post pictures because that is much more fun then just a list right?)!

this t-shirt only in a green crew neck for our friend who visits usually twice a year (figured he deserved it!)
this exergen temporal thermometer because how rad that you don't have to stick it into anywhere on your kids yet they are supposed to be really accurate!
this black and decker 4 slice toaster oven because our toaster is crap so I decided being able to see the toast will be a great advantage and this thing cost same as I had spent on our current toaster! 

I have also been shopping crazy for my daughter's upcoming 2nd birthday! Here is what she will be getting from Mommy and Daddy
Bought Lainey- bilibo

Bought rainbow toy
She will also be getting a Bubble Guppies golden book and paint with water book (she is Guppies OBSESSED!) as well as some clothing! I like to spoil my kiddos what can I say? We won't be doing a big party though just a little one at home with grandparents and her aunt and uncle and cousin as well as her God father who is here visiting from England. 

I really think a pair of shoes are needed in this list of MUCH NEEDED purchases for Mommy so I am off to browse ;) 

What have you randomly bought lately?

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  1. i couldn't resist that rainbow stacker for oz either! lol. I've already decided when he's outgrown it will look fabulous on my desk LOL. I also like those castle blocks. Looks like she will have an awesome birthday :D