Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Grocery Budget FAIL-Early Fall Update

So I forgot all about my grocery shopping budget project already say I am flaky at times is an understatement. Let's just say I have a lot going on in my life so I tend to forget about all these little projects I get so excited about at times ha!

Let's see an update: Fall is here in Michigan and it is gorgeous! Trip to a farm/orchard is coming soon already bought our groupon for it ;) I have been busy planting various perennials my family members have so kindly dug up and donated to me! Ask and you shall receive let me tell you! No idea what is going on for Halloween this year, Gabby wants to be an "80's girl, you know like the one that sings "Holiday" in Just Dance" ;) and Lainey will most likely wear a ladybug costume handed down from big sister this year. I plan to go to an adult party with the hubby this year but not sure how much we will dress up....I will do something I just am not sure what and it will prob be last minute decision!

Trying to get back on the weight watchers wagon after seeing the ever so flattering tagged pictures of myself that were recently posted on is is is busy!

Gabby and Lainey both have nasty colds/upper respiratory junk going on that I pray we do not get from them and that is about it for our household at this time! Will hopefully post something a bit more exciting soon when I manage to be on here on my home computer where I could actually access photos!

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