Monday, September 5, 2011

August grocery total

So I don't have exact total since I had just started this goal and obviously I am not 100% of what I bought in each shopping trip as health and beauty and paper products etc...were all included and they will not be included from now on. What I can tell you is we spent well over $500 for the month of August on groceries, beer, pop, dog food, health and beauty products, and paper goods. YOWZA!!! It sure does add up quick and the more aware you are of it the easier it will be to take steps into monitoring the spending a bit better! (at least that is what I am hoping for!)
So here we gooooo for September so far I went to the Farmer's Market where I got:

1 spaghetti squash= $1
1 eggplant= $1
1 lb greenbeans=$1.50
5 peaches=$3

total so far this week $6.50 leaving me with $33.50 for this week

this is a non-shopping week for me and I will shop again on Friday/Saturday so my goal for this 1st September shopping trip is to spend UNDER $100 for 2 weeks of food. I hope to see that total go down over time but I am trying to stay practical here in the begining ;)


  1. I went shopping yesterday for a whopping $130. I'm hoping that will last two weeks, but I know it won't. Have you tried

  2. Haven't looked at that site yet, I usually refer to couponmom and Sarah's Deals!