Thursday, August 11, 2011

17 Months

Oh Lainey Bug aka Buggles aka Buggy aka bring so much stinking joy to all of us! I continue to be amazed at how wonderful Gabby does with you and that she never seems to hold any animosity towards you at all! It is wonderful!

Right now you:

  • have 4 bottom teeth, 4 top teeth, 4 molars and seem to be getting more!
  • Run, jump, dance ALL the time! You are sooo active! You have not mastered climbing onto the couch yet though and I am in no hurry for you to learn that!
  •  can go all the way up the stairs to Gabby's room but have no concept that you could actually fall backwards so you stand and dance on almost each step with mommy nervously right smack behind you!
  • terrorize Bruno daily! Pulling his ears until he squeals at times and constantly play "doggy drum" on him
  • Babbling loads but still no clear words that we have picked up on yet....
  • can repeat some things like "shhhh" and it did sound like you said "chickie" at dinner
  • are getting more and more curls and I just LOVE them, so cute!
  •  freaking love baked beans! You also love yogurts and the Plum baby organic fruit/veg pouches! 
  •  love stealing whatever we are having for breakfast in the mornings
  • Although you seem to love books your fave thing to do is stand on them
  • love balls and balloons and drums
  • continue to be obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba
  • are also enjoying Thomas the Tank Engine and other shows with voices "like Daddy" haha
  •  take a 2 hour nap each afternoon and go to bed usually no later than 8:30 at night and we wake you around 7 each morning
  •  love the beach so we are trying to get in a trip each week before fall hits!

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  1. Awesome update, she and Victor are very much alike, it's true! Such a sweetie, and her hair is lightening up quite a bit! Love seeing all her pics on Facebook, wish we could meet up for a playdate someday ;)