Saturday, July 9, 2011

Right Now

(stolen from Genevieve cause I am too unoriginal at the moment and I am in desperate need of an update on here)

I am currently.... scrap booking elements
eating...about to have some little casears pepperoni pizza and coors light successful garage sale trips this morning and that it is Saturday
thinking...about what movie we will watch tonight (thinking Bridesmaids)
dreaming...about having a clean organized house
wishing...that by November 1st I will be able to say our basement is SUPER organized
listening to...Gareth whistling along with Yo Gabba Gabba that Lainey is watching coke about to be coors light good clothes smell when they are hung out to dry (loving summer)
wanting...Gabby's friend to get picked up so Gareth will leave to go get our pizza
wearing...baggy khakis and an old bright lime green graphic tee both from Old Navy
thankful for...weekend days that seem to go on and on making for a nice long productive weekend!
struggling with...wanting too many rooms organized at once
marveling at...Lainey's shrieking she has discovered
frustrated with...Lainey's shrieking she has discovered haha...especially when right in the ear
knowing...I need to shower today still....
giddy flowers I planted in our "garden"
debating...if I will get my toenails re-painted tonight
deciding...that I might but only if Gabby does them for me!

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