Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bladder Shmadder

So I have been dealing with UTI's...since May. I just finished up 4th round of antibiotics so I just have had SO much energy and felt just great (did you see the sarcasm dripping off those words?).

Finally got referred into a urologist yesterday who did an exam (UGH not pleasant) and it was not looking (feeling?) like cystitis like he originally thought when we were just talking. Also my urine was clear yesterday from infection which was good, the bad is the still ever present pelvic and lower back pain. So next step is I head to the hospital next Wednesday. They are going to knock me out and do several tests. One being the dye test so they can see what is going on and then another where they expand my bladder and see if it bleeds etc...(because they had found traces of blood in my urine past two infections I had). Now if these tests come back normal then it all may just be related to back issues?! Crazy stuff....I am doubting back though because why would that cause 3/4 infections in under 3 months time (the pain yes I could see that but not UTI's).

So that is my excitement!

I have been keeping busy learning some photoshop skills to do digital scrapbooking and am now in the midst of tackling organizing my elements using ACDSee. I am only on my C yes have a ways to go yet! Trying to tackle at least a folder or more each evening when I get home so hopefully will be done SOON! Then I can move onto more of the actual scrapbooking! I would like to whip through Miss Lainey's first year and then also of course current stuff for the whole fam and then go back and catch up with Miss Gabby since her traditional scrapbooks stopped around age 3 or 4 (she is now 9). I am just loving it though and how I can do it while family is around me and it doesn't make a mess ;)

I also am coming up with a 4 week meal plan. I am tackling this today and then will rotate it! I of course will add new things in from time to time but think 4 weeks is pretty good rotation since many of our faves I know we like to have if not weekly at least bi-weekly. I will share my geeky meal planning spreadsheet when it is complete ;)

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