Friday, July 10, 2009

Yup still Preggers!

*These posts are not going to be published until we get the ok from doc and Gareth gives me official ok to release the info to the world but still want to keep track of things from the very begining!*

So I have taken several more tests which also have shown positive :) Again VERY faint line on the right this time and then on the left (weird how they are lighter in the morning then in the evening!)

Daddy is starting to believe me now heh heh...he said to me the cutest thing last night though...

"I don't want you to think I am not excited because I am very is just hard for me to believe!" Awwww...hopefully the doc appointment will make it a little more real for him.

I feel like I have a bad hangover...super tired, lots of dull annoying headaches, and tummy pulling and cramps occasionally. No sickness (yet! and let's hope it doesn't show as was miserable when I was preggers with Gabby!) but some waves of nausea.

I made first appointment and it is not until August 13th! I should be around 8 weeks or so by then so I am hoping to get an ultrasound. I have been quite irregular since we started trying so will make sure to emphasize this to the doctor!

Overall we are both so excited still and so in disbelief! We have already started vetoing all of each other's name picks so that ought to be a fun 9 month battle ;)

Well got home from work after craving cheese like I had been the first to discover the stuff...decided to take the digital test...

Nope no denying that one!!!

So here is my 1st month belly bump picture as well approx 5 weeks

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