Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My eggo is preggo!!!

So I took a home test this morning and VOILA two gorgeous blue lines...of course the one stating I had actually been fertilized was VERY faint but it was there nonetheless! Squint hard it is on the left side beneath the little circles...

I then took another pink dye test later in the evening and again 2 lines!!! This time the positive line is on the right ;)

I decided to take pics of the positive tests then have Daddy look at the pics on the camera...told him to look at the pics from the 4th of July that were on there...had him scroll through until he came to the preggo test pics...I of course had to point out the 2 lines, he just smiled and raised his eyebrows at me in disbelief...he was very happy but still wasn't believing without more positives (such a skeptic!)

He told me not to tell anyone until the doctor visit confirmed and we heard heartbeat etc...now for those that know me I am AWFUL at keeping secrets...I of course let various online communities know since well they don't "really" know me or our families etc haha! I also told a couple close friends and he told one of his close friends...but the rest of family and friends will have to wait!

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