Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well not really to most since I think the main people who follow my blog also are on my facebook so the cat has already been let out of the bag BUT I got a cake back in November..........
Granted my prego brain was already in effect since I started to do out the word "pregnant" before realizing that A)I did not have enough room  and also B)I did not have all the letters needed LOL. But whatever it tasted great and the hubby had a laugh :)

We also surprised Gabby on Christmas by having her open not only her "first born" ornament but also Lainey's "middle child" ornament and have her connect the dots to what that meant ;)
So yes blog followers we will be having our 3rd baby entering this world in July 2012! I also will continue working on my masters degree throughout the new year and get that much closer to graduation in 2014! 2012 should be a wonderful year for my family and I hope for all of yours as well!

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