Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring 2009 Update!

Wow I sure am not good at keeping this blog updated....let's see what has gone on since Christmas....besides me going through more tests over lumps found near my thyroid(which now I have to wait and go back in June to get re-checked as they could not get enough tissue so want to see if they are going to grow at all) not too much! Ok will bullet point some other things that may or may not be of interest.

*January we adopted a gorgeous fawn boxer puppy named bruno who also was born on our wedding date!

He has been a welcome edition but also just as stressful as adding a new baby to the home haha! Speaking of babies....I have decided to go off the pill and just see what happens!

*I have my application packet all submitted for grad school (hoping to hear by June if I was accepted!)

*In May Gareth and I go to Detroit for our visa interview for him to get his greencard!

*In May we also go see Slipknot in concert (gosh how I love my husband to go to this!)

Easter is this Sunday woop woop! Already did the eggs and Saturday will turn them into deviled eggs and also make up cheesy potatoes to bring to my grandparents for Easter dinner.

I am sooo over the cold and long for the days that stay above 50 degrees! Please Michigan any day now!

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